Tumble Instruction at Sugarloaf Performing Arts

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Our tumble program is designed to specifically meet the needs of each individual tumbler from novice to advanced. Our objective is to provide the safest instruction for girls and boys using the finest equipment and facilities possible. We maintain a balance of fun, while still providing a learning experience. Through the development of mind and body, each tumbler will find enjoyment in expressing his or her own personality while increasing strength flexibility, coordination and self-esteem. 

Our Director of Tumbling is Mr. Howard Ethridge (“Mr. Howard”). Mr. Howard has an extensive background in gymnastics, stretching, and conditioning. He is one of Atlanta’s top instructors for tumbling and jumps. Howard prides himself on his conditioning techniques and stresses the importance of healthy living to his students. Mr. Howard prepares the tumblers through a logical progression of skills for maximum development of each student.

Basic tumbling skills can be an added bonus for any dancer or athlete. With careful, quality instruction, a dancer will gain more flexibility and upper body strength, giving him or her a substantial advantage in today's demanding choreography. Tumbling is an excellent way to build balance and learn spatial awareness, an important element in partnering and ensemble work.

Tumble students begin with floor and mat exercises followed by progression through tumbling skills. Greater flexibility is acquired and body conditioning is emphasized. Classes are leveled Beginner, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced.


Beginning Tumble classes are for entry-level students with limited or no tumbling experience.

Intermediate I

Intermediate I classes are for students who have had a few years of training. An Intermediate I tumbler has mastered a front or back walkover, and they are training for a back-handspring and various ariels.

Intermediate II

Intermediate II classes are for students with multiple years of training. Intermediate II students have mastered a back-handspring. Their goal is consecutive back-handsprings and ariels.


Advanced classes are for students with extensive training. These students are working on skills out of the back-handspring into tucks, layouts, fulls and various ariels.